– (wallow)

In late 2010, the rubble of Bash Back! still fresh and dusty, three friends launched a cross continental speaking tour called Queer Negation. “Catastrophe is over,” heralded the flyers, “The end has come and passed.” Three speakers gave three lectures on negative feminism, queer black hole theory, and insurrectional currents in music. An urban-insurrection-meets-BDSM-scene scene of Jean Genet’s The Balcony was performed and a bleak visitor from a bleaker future alerted lecture-goers “You’ve been lied to, it doesn’t get better, the future is terrible, kill yourself now!

That whatever we could want is always already lost; that we are so many bodies flung into dark; that the question remains how to live now that death has passed over us. These themes and more: gender mutiny, filth and glitter, romantic precarity — Attack, Trash, Glass.

The Queer Negation Tour has come and passed. The book is all that remains.

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