Frequently asked questions

Where can I get your books?

You can order through our website. Also see our locations page for a list of bookstores and online distributors that carry our titles.

I don’t live in the US. Do you ship internationally?

We do offer worldwide shipping. It often costs around 24 US dollars for 1-3 books, but it can easily range from 10 to 40 US dollars depending on weight, location, etc.

Our web store does not currently accept non-US addresses, so please email us directly with a list of items and a full address. You may also want to check our locations page to find a distributor outside of the US (currently only in the UK, but soon in Canada too).

Do you offer a wholesale rate to bookstores and distros?

Yes, we offer a 50% discount for bulk orders. Buyer pays shipping; 30 day billing in most cases.

The best way to get our books wholesale is to order from us directly. We are not carried by any major distributors.

Please email to place an order.

Is there a minimum order for wholesale?

Not exactly, but please order at least ten items.

I am, or support, an anarchist prisoner. Can you send books and pamphlets into prisons?

All our material is free to anarchist prisoners internationally. Please write us.

Will you donate books or pamphlets to our anarchist lending library or archive?

If you are independent, then happily. If you receive funding, from a university for example, we will ask that you pay for the books. If you are independent and outside of the US, we may ask that you pay for shipping costs.

Will you publish my writing?

We publish a handful of new titles each year, and we give each as much care as we can in editing, design, and production. If you feel that you have produced something compelling and in alignment with our tastes, we would love to receive your work via email. Please include ‘manuscript’ or ‘mss’ in the subject line.

I am having trouble ordering through your website. What should I do?

Our web store is home-coded and there aren’t any bugs that we know of, so we’d like to hear what happened. Please email us and we will respond quickly.