Max Stirner’s Political Spectrography

Max Stirner’s Political Spectrography

by Fabián Ludueña

Far too often the figure and thought of Max Stirner – notorious amoralist, parodic dialectician, unsuccessful milk cooperativist – are subjected to bitter dismissal or tired repetition. Here at last, in the brilliance of spectrologist-philosopher Fabián Ludueña, the ghostly afterlife of his work is illuminated. The philosophical lingerings Ludueña invites us to attend to are as tantalizing as they are surprising. The question ceases to be why Stirner has been forgotten, and instead becomes how and why he secretly influenced all of modern thought.

Translator de Acosta’s shrewd introductory notes mount a powerful challenge to would-be Stirnerians, and his spectral theses gesture toward the possible spectrographic interminglings these Stirnerians might pursue with worlds magical, animist, and Lovecraftian. The propositions are pregnant with possibility and as yet unrealized.

This isn’t another repetition, it’s a much needed unique take on The Unique and its legacy.

Publisher: Spectral Emissions

Date of publication: 2015

Price: $3